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How To String A Spinning Reel?

Fishing is considered as a hobby in many parts of the world.It is a relaxing and exciting activity. For this activity, you will need a spinning reel. If you own a spinning reel, it is very important to learn about how to string a spinning reel. Stringing should be performed before hanging the hooks to the reels. In general, most of the anglers get it done with the help of a machine that strings accurately in a minute or two. But, it isn’t that difficult. It only requires patience and concentration to learn to string it properly. In case if you load a line that does not fit your reel or string it in a wrong way, you will end up spending extra bucks on repairing your reel and changing the line. So, before proceeding to stringing the reel, you should have known about the types of lines available and the method of choosing a proper line for your reel. You will get to know about it all, by reading the article below. What are the types of lines available? There are

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How To Spool A Spinning Reel?

Spooling a spinning wheel enables the line to work better on the reel and it helps in casting easily. Knots, lines, twists, line overfill are the common features of  a spinning reel which are unspooled. Even though fishing with a spinning reel seems easy, one of the major problems faced by the anglers is spooling it correctly. Spooling is done in different methods by the anglers. However, the general procedure of spooling involves the seven simple steps. Further, there are certain important factors that you should consider before spooling such as the line capacity, tying a knot, etc., and they are explained briefly below. Once you get clear about them, you can proceed spooling by following our guide. What are the things to consider before spooling? The most important things to keep in mind before you start spooling are as follows. Line capacity- The line capacity of one spinning reel will not be the same as that of the other. It is, therefore necessary to know how many lines to put on your spinning reel. If you note the front part

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How To Clean A Spinning Reel?

Is your handle sticking to one spot? Are your reel binds getting wet? It’s time you spend time for  your spinning reel to maintain. After a prolonged period of usage, the spinning reel tends to get filled with sand. After noticing the above symptoms people consider to change the spinning reel.But,it is not necessary. Your spinning reel can be brought back to normal by applying proper lubricants and cleaned well. The lifetime of a spinning reel depends mainly on the number of times the spinning reel is used. It also depends on whether it is used in saltwater or freshwater. However, it lasts for an average of 3-5 years. But, with proper maintenance, it can be used for more than 10 years of time. How to clean a spinning reel? To clean your spinning reel, follow the procedure given below. With the help of soapy water clean the spinning wheel with the help of a clean cloth and remove excess dirt and impurities. Wipe it dry after removing the impurities. Now remove the handle of the reel. Look for the

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How To Cast A Spinning Reel?

If you are reading this article, you are on your way trying to cast a spinning reel. So, what casting actually is? The spin casting is a fishing method which is performed by the beginners. The spin casting equipment is easy to use. It can be used to cast both the heavy and the light baits without twisting or breaking the line. The basic equipment includes a 7-foot rod, a spinning reel and a test line which is 6-10 pound used for casting baits of 1/6 or ¾ ounce. For casting, you can use an open-faced, closed-faced or a spin-cast reel. In this article, you will learn about the casting of the spinning reel. Find a place which does not have a surface that will tear the line of your reel and try casting. What are the things to know in casting a spinning reel? Before proceeding to cast your spinning reel, you should know about assembling the reel, about the knot, and setting the drag. Assembling the reel-Clean the ferrules from dirt and bring them together at 45 degrees and

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What Is The Use Of Anti Reverse In Spinning Reel?

Have you ever thought of why an anti-reverse lever is present in the spinning reel? The anti-reverse function is essential in preventing the spinning reel from reversing positions and to avoid the line from coming in contact with the drag. The anti-reverse switch of a spinning reel can be chosen to engage or stay without engaging based on your preferences. The spinning reel these days come with an anti-reverse function, which stops reversing as soon as you stop reeling. The anti-reverse feature of the spinning reel has many other benefits to offer the anglers. We have listed down the most common and well-known uses of this function in this article. Use of Anti-Reverse Anti-reverse is an important feature in spinning reel which is used to prevent the reel from turning backward. It is applicable to catch the small fish very effectively. It helps to keep the hook sets powerful. Choose a reel having substantial arm and knob. Suppose when the anti- reverse gets damaged , clean it by removing the grease which is present in it. The anti-reverse is made of plastic

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How To Fix A Spinning Reel That Quits Locking?

A spinning reel is a popular device which is used for fishing and is owned by a majority of the fishers who use hook and line for fishing. They have a fixed spool to which line is deposited by revolving a guide called bail. They can accommodate monofilament lines and the newer fluorocarbon lines. Spinning reels consist of many parts which help in performing different functions. Now that we know  what it is, Let us get a clear picture on what is a bail and the troubleshooting guides related to the bail. The biggest nightmare of the anglers is the problems associated with the working of bail,it often fails to work. Some anglers continue using the bail with the failure. But, once you learn to control the tools,you will find it easier and would prefer using it on a regular basis. The biggest nightmare of the anglers is the problems associated with the working of bail; it often fails to work. Some anglers continue using the bail with the failure. But, once you learn to control the tools,you will find it